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See Slide Shows from past conferences, and by our AAPS People at Slideshare.net :

AAPS "Passed" President, Fred Rydholm's books on history and pre-history and native UP Copper:  See an article on one of his ancient copper presentations in Houghton, Michigan - http://www.mininggazette.com/stories/articles.asp?articleID=3780

Fred's wife, June Rydholm has a Flicker album with many photos of their camp and folks related to Fred's copper interests: http://www.flickr.com/photos/michigancopper

Advisor, Carl Lindquist expertly coordinated the move of "our" giant copper for it's extended visit to Marquette's Presque Isle Park. He's executive director of Superior Watershed Partnership:   http://www.superiorwatersheds.org/public_education.php  This group is now in charge of fund-raising to SAVE THE COPPER.

Scott Wolter, Geologist/Scientist/Ancient Markings researcher and Author.  The Kensington Stone, and  The Hooked X

A wonderful new website hosted by Chris Finefrock and Rick Osmon has begun as of March 2014: http://ancientamerica.com/  They seek contributors of articles and information on new research and discovery of: standing stones, ancient travel and trade, pictographs and petroglyphs, ancient copper mining and trade anything that increases our awareness of how "small" the world has always been.

Scott Mitchen, friend of Wayne May, is  a diver and long time researcher of  Ancient Copper. He'll have an exhibit of intriguing copper artifacts, and says he'll have some really ground-breaking news to share with us! Topic for conf. 2012: Copper Culture, Connecting the Dots Europe and Native Americans...Who were the First Peoples to Exploit the Copper?ttp://www.internationalexplorations.com

Rick Osmon's blog about ancient American subjects: http://oopa-loopa-cafe.blogspot.com/ 
The "Oopa Loopa Cafe, where the Ozman debunks the debunkers"
Oz now has a website with many interesting things and archived shows. http://oopaloopacafe.com:80/  Rick has presented many times at AAPS Conferences.

Authors and documentary Film makers, Lee and (now deceased...and missed) Joy Pennington    See  his films of very interesting sites around the world. Learn of some fascinating people too! Including our dear past member, Marion Dahm. And  now, a wonderful film on AAPS Pres. Fred Rydholm.  Lee and Joy's productions and their charming presence has been enjoyed at all our Conferences on Ancient America. Sadly, Joy won't be with us (but she will be in spirit) for Conference 2012.

Wayne May- Co-Sponsor of our Conferences,   is publisher of  Ancient American Magazine:./ Wayne is a much loved  regular presenter at AAPS Conferences.

Jay Wakefield and Reinoud DeJonge have a website featuring their wonderful book on ancient travel and hundreds of evidences.  AAPS also offers this book here on this site, with books donated by Jay as fund raisers for AAPS....Many thanks to Jay who  is a regular, most welcome  presenter at AAPS Conferences.

Geologist Scott Wolter has authored eight books is  president of American Petrographic Services since 1990 and is responsible for the independent petrographic analysis testing laboratory where the Kensington Rune Stone was brought for investigation in 2000. He's been the principal petrographer in more than 5,000 investigations throughout the U.S. and around the world. http://hookedx.com/author.asp 
He's a frequent guest speaker at AAPS conferences.

Midwestern Epigraphic Society www.midwesternepigraphic.org  Very interesting articles, artifacts and their more interesting decipherings. There's so much yet to be revealed!

Dr. Don Spohn of  Great Lakes Copper Research has been studying ancient copper artifacts with a lean toward native American produced objects. He and his group have several websites of great interest to we, who love learning more about copper: http://www.donspohn.com/  A related site is: http://copperculture.zoomshare.com/1.html  Dr. Spohn has published hundreds of journals on the subject, the latest (summer 2010) is Preshistoric Copper Artifact Journal. His method of study and analysis  is extensive reading, traveling the world to sites and museums, and by what he calls "typology" based on years of visual experience.

William Morin is Ojibwa/Scottish heritage, and lives in Sudbury, Ontario. He's highly educated in cultures, the arts, and Connectedness Bridging gaps in our seeming differences through discovery, shared histories (and ancient histories) and more. Read and see more- http://www.artofwillpower.ca/biography.html

Website by acclaimed authors and researchers Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, in England on the Kings Arthur (BOTH of them!) See how the written language links to other cultures! (among other interesging facts)   http://www.kingarthurslegacy.com/#coelbreninfo

http://www.writteninstonedoc.com/  a documentary by Daniel Gaucher- Written in Stone. See trailer here.

There's a kind fellow who has been making donations via Mission Fish on his eBay sales of minerals and crystals of the U.P. CELLIACH, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! http://www.celliach.com/

TJ Ryan and his radio shows and podcasts has been supportive of AAPS and our efforts to promote education and knowledge about our ancient past, connectedness to the world, and mysteries as yet to be revealed. His website for the podcast is www.outthere.podbean.com where you can hear an interview (or 2) with Judy M Johnson on our topics of Ancient America and other things as well.

Hidden Landscapes explores recent discoveries that are radically changing current paradigms of North American history. http://hiddenlandscape.com/

Interesting book Rediscovering America by Hugh Fox: Hugh Fox passed early 2012. He was a poet/archaeologist who has taught at Michigan  State University since 1968. Author of 66 books, he is a major figure in the U.S. small press world, serving as editor of Ghost Dance: the International Quarterly of Experimental Poetry from 1968-1995. He has spoken at AAAPF International Conference 2007. He's in Who’s Who, The Two Thousand Most Important Writers in the Last Millennium, Dictionary of Middlewestern Writers, The International Who’s Who, etc.

Here's a teaser to Robert Starling's new film/video project, "Columbus Revealed": http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4556298120514678123& pr=goog-sl

Myron Paine's Frozen Trail book and website:  http://www.frozentrail.org/  Myron has only missed one AAPS Conference on Ancient America and we hope to see him again in 2012.

Creator of web pages & host, Susan English. Co-hosts, engineer, Vince Barrows, New Orleans and retired educator Ted Sojka, Iowa as co-hosts to Ancient Waterways Society Minnesota, and Stan/Dr. Stan Riehm of Madison remains as host.
Dr. Herb Wagner's sites,  on NW Wisconsin's Ancient Copper Miners: http://www.atthecreation.com/wis.anc/%20cu.mines.html  and the legendary Totogatic (Totagatic) River: http://www.atthecreation.com/TOGATIG/TOGA.html

Ancient Scripts Website: http://www.ancientscripts.com/

Copper Culture Website: http://www.copperculture.homestead.com/

America's Stonehenge: http://www.stonehengeusa.com/ 

Megalithic Mysteries: http://www.megalithic.co.uk/

Rex Cauldwell's Puerto Rican Petroglyph photos: http://ltmtnele.tripod.com/elyunque/index.html

A page by the TV series, NOVA on The Viking Deception: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/vinland/

Sacred Sites in America: http://cccpublishing.com/sacred-places-north-america-108-destinations

A site about Runes: http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/

Christopher Dunn's site on Egyptian Pyramids being power centers: http://www.gizapower.com/  (Mr. Dunn was a most interesting speaker at our Ohio Conference, 2006)

William Smith and his THOR Group is on Yahoo Groups: thor-thehuntersohiorock

Dr. Christine Pellech, a speaker at 2005 AAPS conf. has many articles of interest: http://www.migration-diffusion.info/

The Kensington Runestone official site: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/6726/kensington/kensington.htm

The Newport Tower- Is it Norse, Portugese, Chinese??? Several theories and several links:  http://www.neara.org/CARLSON/newporttower.htm http://sinclair.quarterman.org/newport_tower.html http://www.redwoodlibrary.org/tower/millmenu.htm

The extensive NEARA/New England Antiquities Research Association  pages: http://www.neara.org/

Stepping Stones Site: http://all-ez.com/epigraphy.htm

Douglas Kenyon is editor of  Atlantis Rising Magazine http://www.atlantisrising.com/

BBC's Video, the Mysterious Origins of Man: http://www.bcvideo.com/

Alan Cressler, a  world traveling photographer, includes ancient pictographs- his and others' on his site. Have a look @ http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=pictograph 

Gloria Farley's In Plain Sight, Old World Records in Ancient America: http://www2.privatei.com/~bartjean/mainpage.htm

Earth Mother Crying- A prophecy of Native Americans site: http://www.wovoca.com/

The Celtic Cross...was it really a navigational device? http://www.crichtonmiller.com/

The Bat Creek Stone- is it Cherokee or Hebrew? http://www.econ.ohio-state.edu/jhm/arch/batcrk.html

The Grave Creek Stone, Adena Mounds: http://www.econ.ohio-state.edu/jhm/arch/grvcrk.html

Los Lunas Decalogue Stone: http://www.econ.ohio-state.edu/jhm/arch/loslunas.html

The Newark Ohio Delalogue Stone and Keystone: http://www.econ.ohio-state.edu/jhm/arch/decalog.html

Ohio's East Fork Hanukkiah Earthworks: http://www.econ.ohio-state.edu/jhm/arch/efw.htmlOhio

Formed by Barry Fell, The Epigraphic Society of Massachussetts: http://epigraphy.org/

The Vinland Map site: http://www.econ.ohio-state.edu/jhm/arch/vinland/vinland.htm

The Epigraphy Forum site: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/6726/websites.htm

The Grand Traverse Stone (Michigan): http://www.science-frontiers.com/sf098/sf098a03.htm

Contact With Ancient America by Ida Jane Gallager and Warren Dexter is highly recommended reading

The World's Writing Systems: http://www.oup-usa.org/isbn/0195079930.html

Globalization Pre-Historica- Maps that Change History by Enrique Garcia Barthe: http://www.enriquegarciabarthe.com.ar/

Stonehenge under the waters of Lake Michigan: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2161114/posts#comment

The Mysteries of Beaver Island, in Lake Michigan- stone circle, gardens etc.: http://www.beaverisland.net/Projects/The_Stone_Circle/the_stone_circle.htm

Robert Bauval is a researcher on Ancient Egypt, a writer, and a tour guide/host with unique insights into the subject: http://robertbauval.co.uk/

www.hinduwebsite.com look for Celtic article 


www.nbbd.com/godo/history/windover/  on the 7,300 yr old mummies found in FL under peat.

www.earthfiles.com/news on FABulous Turkish stone “Henges”

www.gizapower.com Christopher Dunn’s site

www.hiddenlandscapes.com on ice age

www.beforeus.com on many ancient topics.

www.semirosmanagic.com Osmangich/Pyramids

www.think-aboutit.com Many subjects incl. Ellenville tunnels and other U.S. stone structures

http://pleistocenecoalition.com dynamite stuff, brings in main stream archaeologist with courage

www.sciencedaily.com seek ancient sunken city

www.daniken.com Erik Von Daniken
  and his books, articles, links to TV shows...

www.crichtonmiller.com Celtic Cross as a navigational tool?

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