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Previously Known as- Ancient American Artifact Preservation Foundation/AAAPF
AAPS/ Ancient Artifact Preservation Society
phone 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210


Find here Free articles, Gallery of artifacts Purchase- Books,  Memberships, and  Register for  our Annual Conferences.


2010 AAPS 15h Annual Conference on Ancient America
October  4-6, 2019
Here's the link to 2019 Registration Page for all the details

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President: Glenn E DeVlaminck
Vice President/Publicity: Jo Lorichon

2nd Vice President: Ray Meininger
AV Tech: Dana Kenneth Johnson

Secretary/Conference Mgr: Judy M Johnson
Treasurer: OPEN

Cultural Advisor: Ken Meshigaud
  (Tribal chairman, Hannahville Community)

Earl Meshigaud and Claude Alexander
(Liasons for AAPS Collection at Hannahville Potawatomi Cultural Center)

Committee volunteers for  conferences:
Cynthia Pryor
Sue Belanger

  BOARD at Large
June Rydholm
Fred K Rydholm

Oedith Harris

Beth Webb


Wayne May (also co-sponsor of our conferences and publisher of Ancient American Magazine)
Dr. Lee Pennington

Jay Wakefield
Sue Belanger
Marta Thomas

Anita Meyer
Adrian Abbott


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AAPS Mission Statement
Ancient Artifact Preservation Society

Bringing together Diverse Pieces
of the Ancient American Puzzle


Ancient Artifact Preservation Society Mission, Vision, Goals Updated Oct. 2017

Mission Statement:
- To collect and preserve evidence of ancient civilizations in North America, and the Great Lakes region in particular, in a manner that supports their study by amateur and professional scholars and to educate the public about the significance. As we come to realize, no man or continent is an island, so North America is broadly connected to other places, cultures and times, linking us to the Rest of the World.


Our Vision:

- To create a repository of artifacts and published research that supports the investigation of pre Columbian history in North American. (a Diffusionist Museum.)
- To create a web site and educational materials that present the emerging thinking about pre-Columbian evidence of human activities in the Great Lakes region and beyond.


Our Goals and Dreams:

- A prominent goal was to raise the funds for the purchase of the largest remaining piece of float copper (21+ tons) discovered in the Copper Country of Michigan. Since AAPS had begun the huge challenge of fund raising, we have poured over $30,000 into contract payments to the owners, have paid to move it from the Copper Country to Marquette for greater exposure and publicity, and then move it back again, when AAPS’ s two contracts failed to raise the needed $350,000, and another group tried and could not raise the funds. But the generosity of our members DID keep it from being sold and melted down for commercial purposes. We consider the expense as RENT.

Now some industrialists have raised the funds and acquired the copper to PRESERVE-Not Melt. It moved to Colorado, then went onto a visit to China for the world’ s largest Gem and Mineral Show, (Autumn 2016) where it is causing a sensation. As to where it will ultimately reside, we do not know. But the goal was always to SAVE IT, and that has happened.


- To create and implement a model of operation that will financially support our mission and be designed to be sustainable for decades.


- To create a database of artifacts, and a safe repository to protect them, and for researchers to access and study. The ultimate goal is to have a Pre-Columbian Museum that will enable the proper housing of artifacts and research work. Also to have a museum bookstore where appropriate books and items would be sold. And to make available our artifacts on loan to other cooperative institutions, such as museums and libraries. To aid acquisitions, pursue the donation and or loan of artifacts currently held by Michigan residents (and beyond) to include in our collection.


To create educational programs that introduce the evidence of pre Columbian activities in the U.P. and its significance. We do this with our annual AAPS Conference on Ancient America (2016 was our 12th) and with our winter-time free programs to the public at Peter White Public Library.


- To   continuously update  a web site www.aapsCopper.org   to educate visitors about the artifacts, their significance, and other related information, including articles by members. To offer for sale on the web site books and media that educate about pre-Columbian research.

- To educate searchers about proper archeological practices when artifacts are discovered. Such informative papers are handed out annually at each conference and Free Programs.


Furthermore, we shall provide open forum for all serious researchers, professional and amateur, who have data to share so that it may be “ laid out on the table,” to see how the pieces fit with those from other researchers. We do this via our Annual International Conference on Ancient America. 2017 is our 13th year.


Disclaimer: However, though  the personal views, opinions, theories and conclusions expressed by individual researchers and presenters are not necessarily endorsed by AAPS, we wish to provide an open forum, website and eventually a museum to present this diverse material for all to access for their own areas of study and research.

Notes on the images shown in our banner: The stones are from the controversial "
Burrows Cave"    AKA "Embarrass Caves" and they may not be authentic. (Though our experts believe they are among the original stones from the caves.)  We had chosen the mapstone simply because it represented the area of the Great Lakes and Michigan where so much ancient copper mining and trade activity has occurred. We do not make the claim that the stones are  authentic or ancient, and do not know who made them, or when. We hold a wait-and-see position to see if those caves contain valuable artifacts and evidences, until they are examined in a legal and scientific manner. We hope to see this happen within a few years...then the truth will finally be told.




President: Glenn E DeVlaminck

Vice President/Publicity: Jo Lorichon

2nd Vice President: Ray Meininger
AV Tech: Dana Kenneth Johnson

Secretary/Conference Mgr: Judy M Johnson
Treasurer: OPEN

Education Chair: OPEN
Cultural Advisor: Ken Meshigaud
  (Tribal chairman, Hannahville Community)
Committee volunteers for  conferences:
Cynthia Pryor
Anna Canella
  BOARD at Large
June Rydholm
Fred K Rydholm

Oedith Harris

Beth Webb


Dr. Lee Pennington

Jay Wakefield
Sue Belanger
Marta Thomas
Anita Meyer

Wayne May (also co-sponsor of our conferences and publisher of Ancient American Magazine)


Your donations to AAPS are tax-deductible and WELCOMED MOST GRATEFULLY

AAPS, PO Box 216, Skandia MI 49885    or use your credit card or PayPal to make a donation directly at this site 
Other links to us

AAPS Board members reside in the Upper Great Lakes area. Advisors who  have expertise in various areas, are scattered about the United States. Members-at-large are welcomed from anywhere in the world.

Some people have donated books and CDs, some are selling to us at considerable discounts, which are greatly appreciated. These services  help support the AAPS and support such authors and artists at very affordable rates. Please write with your project ideas.

  Call 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210

Ancient Artifact Preservation Society/AAPS
Bringing together Diverse Pieces of the Ancient American Puzzle


AAAPF (Ancient America Artifact Preservation Foundation)
was founded in 2001, in the State of Utah. 
(Please note that any donations you may have made to AAAPF in the past, are legally deductible as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and any further donations made to AAPS are deductible as well.)
Reformed March 2008 in the State of Michigan under the name AAPS- Ancient Artifact Preservation Society.
Our mission is to provide an internationally recognized Ancient American Culture Center to house and study diverse data and artifacts that support all facets of possible proof of visitation, habitation, and commerce in Pre-Columbian America.

Like a large jigsaw puzzle, pieces of information are scattered over thousands of miles, in many different forms, by many different cultures. By bringing them to one place, to compare, to study, and to discuss, the Big Picture will come more easily together to reveal the truth of our American history.

YOU can Contribute Toward Our Museum!
Please go to the Category- Donate to AAPS, with our heartfelt thanks, from the AAPS Board and all Members

Part of our goal to build networks and exchange of information is to sponsor and host an annual (or semi-annual) International Conference on Ancient America. The first in Big Bay Michigan, October 7-9th, 2005. We are now into our 13th year of hosting the conference.   A small registration fee began to add to the pot which holds our dream for the Ancient American Culture Center. This website  adds to the dream of building a world-wide network of sharing knowledge, discoveries and exhibiting photos of artifacts, putting pieces out on the table to ultimately fit together into meaningful pictures. Now, we have the benefit of  the internet and the huge interest generated by Facebook, with quick and easy sharing of discoveries and interactions among parties.

Pieces of the puzzle include:

  • Earthworks & mounds
  • Copper sites and routes
  • Artifacts of stone, clay and metals
  • Standing Stones and Dolmens
  • Epigraphy and markings of all kinds
  • Ancient Waterways & Sailing routes
  • Norse/Viking, Eastern, Mediterranean... evidences
  • Tablets and stones
  • Unsolved mysteries and controversies
  • Evidences in other parts of the world which connect to the Americas
  • Growing  Minoan connections
  • Increasing Egyptian connections 


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