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DVDs Conf. 2018 + Comments (0104- DVDs 2018)

DVDs Conf. 2018 + Comments

DVD Set of Conference 2018
(Comments about conference below)

  We have a set of 8 DVDs (in hard cover snap-in cases), generally two speakers per disk plus portions of other activities. After December 1st, price will be $69 + $4 shipping. Price includes shipping.
Great gifts for Christmas. Order here or phone Judy: 906-942-7865 or
810-299-5210  (House & office phones...not cell; no texting) Check to: AAPS,
PO Box 216, Skandia MI 49885
On the DVDs:

DVD #1                                            115 min

Rick Osmon                                         57 min

Richard Moats                                     58 min


DVD #2                                          123 min

Sarah Kohler                                        72 min

Geoffrey Whittum                                51 min


DVD #3                                            115 min

Lon Kreger                                             60 min

Dr. Jim Scherz (main talk)                  55 min


DVD #4                                               115 min

Lee Pennington                                       62 min

Wayne May                                              53 min


DVD #5                                               92 min

Jay Wakefield                                         79 min
Earl Meshigaud                                      11 min
Lorichon, Scherz                                   26 min

Highlights                                                 2 min


DVD #6                                            104 min

Steve Spyrison                                        53 min

Carl Johannessen                                   51 min


DVD #7                                             114 min

Friday Panel                                           50 min

Storytelling                                             64 min

DVD #8                                            107 min
Saturday Panel                                       50 min

Duane Kinnart                                        24 min
Bruce Hardwick                                     33 min

Heard from speakers and guests at Conference:
* Bruce Hardwick: This is a world class group of speakers, at a world class event. I am humbled to be part of it.
* Many guests: I think this is the best AAPS conference thus far. ALL the presentations were extra special.
* Guest: After all the years of coming here, I didnít think there was much new to learn. Boy, was I wrong!
* Guest: There were many WOW moments during the programs, as I have seen and read so much, I didnít think I could be ďwowedĒ any more.
* Guest: I love the energy here, kind of the security, safe feeling of being able to say what I think without fear of chastisement.

* Jay Wakefield: I have been to events all over the world, but I keep coming back to AAPS year after year. Itís something special; unlike anything else.

* New guest: I donít know why I kept putting off coming even though I knew about it; now thinking of all I have missed, I will be here next year, for sure.

* Sarah Kohler: This is my first time to come to an AAPS Conference. I am so glad we (with hubby) made the long drive from Massachusetts. I noticed I was the only woman among the speakers. Yet I am so pleased at the reception of my work. Itís very important to our ancient past, and a passion for me. I wonít stop. The stones still have so much to tell.

* Lon Kreger: I love the research that I did on The Ancient Garden Beds of Michigan, and I had fun presenting to conference. Now that leads me to think of more things and another challenge to research for next year.

* Rick Osmon: I havenít been to an AAPS conference for quite a few years. I am so glad I did. I am inspired to find something else new and exciting to present next year. The new facilities are great, so much better than in Marquette. We (with wife, Brenda) had a great time.

* Asst. Speakers: This is a most smoothly operated event, from a technical perspective. We thank AV man, Dana Johnson for that.

* Guest: Weíve been to some of those big conferences where speakers get paid thousands of dollars, and none of them were any better than your speakers (and venue) here.

* Duane and Bruce; What AAPS does is not just a conference; itís almost like a peace event.... but yet, something more; itís bringing people together. People who have different ideas and come from different places, but you are the perfect expression of ONE/Bejig (in Ojibwa). You have created a new energy here, right on top of the sacred lands of our ancestors. We are not separated by race; itís not about black or white or yellow or even the blue people (noting Jill Bakerís new hair color), itís about our combined spirits of love and harmony.

* Guest: We like the pace, giving time for visiting and talking with speakers and shopping, and time for ďrestĒ stops.
* Guest: We havenít been to a conference since you were in Marquette. At first I was disappointed to see fewer speakers. Now I like it much better. I can take more in, you know, process the information more thoroughly and not feel overwhelmed with information. And itís more fun. Even though it was a larger crowd than before, it still feels warm and like family.

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