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How the SunGod Reached America-deJonge/Wakefield (0025-Book)

How the SunGod Reached America-deJonge/Wakefield

c.2500 BC  A Guide to Megalithic Sites
by Jay Wakefield and Reinoud DeJonge

Jay Wakefield has generously donated a number of these fascinating books to AAPS for our museum goals. Many THANKS!  Containing charts, graphs, maps, and many photos, this book chronicals petroglyphs around the world spanning over 6,000 years, including: Cape Verde Islands, Azores, Iceland & Greenland, Jacob's Staffs, Stonehenge, Kercado Brittany, Chao Redondo Portugal, America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire, Devil's Head Maine, Three Rivers NY, Emden Dragon Maine, and the Orient Tablet Long Island NY. A revealing travel through history from all over the world...right to America! Over 300 pages, 8"x10.5" paper backed, vinyl UV coated.

NOTICE: Discount Price for AAPS!! Take advantage of this savings...until the stock is gone! PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING to U.S. Addresses! For this large book to be sent to Canada $10 must be added to your total. For Europe & other overseas addresses, $18 must be added for First Class Mail.

Reinoud de Jonge (a Dutch chemist) and Jay Wakefield (an American biologist) have specialized in the study of megalithic culture. They present their analysis of a dozen archaeological sites, showing how many petroglyphs are geographic maps. They show how monuments provide numerical data revealing megalithic religion and ancient sailing discoveries in the Atlantic. For example, numeric picture writing at Loughcrew, Ireland, deciphered by the authors, reveals that these people gave up their efforts to cross the Ocean west of Greenland in 3200 BC. However, decipherment of the petroglyphs at Dissignac, France, shows that they next explored the earth to the east, where they discovered Australia and Alaska. Subsequently, they found routes across the Atlantic, and built Stonehenge, the monument for the discovery of America.

These decipherments shed light on a number of mysteries in American prehistory, such as the origin of the Olmec civilization, the Michigan copper mines, and the stone chambers of New England. This is the only book providing solid evidence, reasonable explanations, and comprehensive dating for megalithic petroglyphs and monuments. It will fascinate anyone interested in old religions, little-known petroglyphs, ancient seafaring, voyages of discovery, and the prehistory of Europe and America.

Sites in Europe include Kercado, Gavrinis, Dissignac, Paredes, Chao Redondo, Loughcrew, Stonehenge, and many more. 384 pages, half of them photos, petroglyphs, groundplans and maps

PLEASE NOTICE: Some people have trouble ordering books from us via PayPal, and some don't. This is what our web host has figured out: In order for your book order to go through, your COOKIES MUST BE TURNED ON.

Our system for using VISA, MC and Discover is working perfectly.



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