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2014, 10th Annual AAPS Conf. on Ancient America (0070-Conf. 2014)

2014, 10th Annual AAPS Conf. on Ancient America

10th Annual AAPS International Conference on Ancient America
Sept 26-28, 2014, IS DONE!
Co-Sponsored by Ancient American Magazine
NOTICE: We are growing and need more room.
For 2015, we are changing venue. 11th Annual Conference on Ancient America is Oct. 9-11, 2015 at the Island Resort, Casino & Convention Center, Hannahville/Harris MI, 14 miles W of Escanaba on US-2.
BENEFITS: More Space, Less cost, Free shuttle from Airport for guests, Great food, Golf Course, RV-Campground, and more

(Registration includes $25 membership in AAPS, and supports our efforts to eventually build a diffusionist museum. Also supports education in a number of ways...including this website.)
Your $25 membership portion is tax deductible Space is limited to about 110 people because of size of venue and seating space. It's recommended that you register as early as you can.

1. PAYPAL: Proceed completely through the payment process, and select PAYPAL as your payment method.
2. U.S. Mail: Please mail your check or Money Order to
AAPS, PO Box 216, Skandia MI 49885
3. To use a credit card enter your card data on your order form, and we will process it on our AAPS exclusive card service equipment.
4. We accept VISA, MC, Discover and Amex.
6- meal package we are holding @ $110.
We only have room to seat 60-70 @ mealtime, so please hurry to reserve your meals. You may order here on the linked 2014 Meal Package Page, or mail a check or phone in to run a charge on a credit card.

*Confirmed Speakers 
* Scott Wolter
: Author/researcher. Host of America Unearthed, H2/history Channel, is sad to have missed our last 2 conferences and is speaking with his producers to make sure he can schedule us in.
* Wayne May: Publisher, Ancient American Magazine; author, researcher, great friend of AAPS.
* Author, Arthur Faram: of Dallas, presenter at Sam Osmanagich's Pyramid Conference,and 2013.  One of Arthur's areas of expertise is "Geoglypholgy, a Newly Discovered Ancient Science". He's author of "La Merica" Topic: Templars on The Great Lakes .
* Dr. Brenda Franey: Archaeologist, independent researcher, film-maker. Will attempt to bring connections and flow to seemingly diverse subjects of Jesus' lineage and movements, King Arthur, Wales digs, Cornwall finds, Knights Templar...in the UK and to New York state.

* M.T. Bussey She is-Tribal Art Historian, University Professor, author, editor and publisher, researcher, discovered Beaver Island stone circle in 1985. "Updates on finds on Beaver Island": large stone heads with carvings, petroglyphs, possible old harbor site and connections with Lakota star knowledge.
* Jay Wakefield: author, world traveler, researcher. Topic: Petroglyphs of the Minoans
* Karl Hoenke: researcher, traveler, will present an Overview and updates on the work of Myron Paine on Norse, Lenape, Algonquin language and movements. 
* Dr. Lee Pennington: world traveler, film-maker on ancient subjects; On the American Landscape, Seldom Seen but Plainly visible Ancient Messages
* *Jill Withrow Baker will present; The Maps Columbus Used.
*Dr. Carl Johannessen: Professor Emeritus University of Oregon. Author, researcher on plant diffusion. Topic: The Origin of Maize. It's importance in tracking movements of ancient man across the globe.
* Dr. John White: is a retired experimental physicist from Columbus, Ohio. He is an armchair archaeologist, who attempts to add value to subjects from the past by collecting information, such as names and symbols, and then giving explanations of their meanings. Topic: Sightings of the BA'AL symbol around the world. It's kind of the "Kilroy was here" mark of ancient days.
* Frank Joseph: Author of many ancient topic research books will share another exciting area of his extensive expertise. topic: The Discovery of Atlantis.
* Geoffrey Whittum: Woodswalker, Nose for standing stones, seeing patterns in placement and alignments, will have some exciting things to share. New Paradigm abundant new finds in Connecticut of stone walls, caves, dolmens, stone markings, and how they relate to ley lines, fault lines and possible ancient civilizations.
*Dr. Jim Scherz: Researcher/surveyor of ancient sites; Navigating the Oceans Without Spherical Trig. 

*Bob Wheeler, founder of The Copper Country Ancient Sites Conservancy: Brief update
*  New Speaker, Bruce Cunningham: Owner of Ancient Mysteries International events. He has realized that an ancient megalithic granite temple in Cambodia is MEGALITHIC.
* New Speaker-Katrina Johnson: How Ancient Pyramids Harnessed Energy on the Giza Plateau
* New Speaker, Kewaunee Lapsertis: Researcher/Author/Expert on Sasquatch people, and their knowing connectedness to mound builders of ancient days. He's known Sasquatch for 50 years, speaks with them and loves them, and they trust him. You will be amazed at what you learn!
We wrap up our conference with our warm-hearted friend:
* Bruce Hardwick:
on ancient Ojibwa wisdoms and new knowledge for todays times
Sam Osmanagich plans to come in 2015 to share news on the Bosnian Pyramids.
Roger Jewell: Author, researcher: Can't make it this year. 
Dr. Don Spohn: Sadly had to cancel...death in the family.

Alternative Lodging for AAPS Conference 2014 Within 1 mile of Holiday Inn
Value Host Motor Inn 1101 US41 West  ph 906-225-500
Super 8 (now called Settle Inn)   (from $74 single) 1275 US 41 West. ph 906-228-8100
Days Inn, (From $76 ) 2403 US 41 West. ph 906-228-0028
Comfort Suites (from $129) 2463 US 41 West. ph 906-228-0028
Country Inn Suites, (From $102 ) 2472 US 41 West. ph 800-456-4000
Imperial Motel 2493 US 41 West. ph 228-7430
Cedar Motor Inn, (From $84/night ) 2523 US 41 West. Ph. 906-228-2280
Brentwood Motor Inn, 2603 US 41 West. 906-228-749 
More than 2 miles from Holiday Inn
America's Best Value Inn of Mqt, 1010 Hwy 28 (@US 41 South) ph 249-1712  (about 6 mi)
Hampton Inn, 461 S. Lakeshore, 228-6001 (about 2 miles)
Marquette Motor Lodge 5057 S. Hwy 41, ph 249-1404

10th Annual Conference on Ancient America, Speakers, 2014

Friday Sept. 26

10:00 - 10:20           Welcome and Introductions, AAPS Board

                                    Guests: New, Farthest ...

10:25 - 11:05           Bob Wheeler: Update on Copper Country Ancient Sites Conservancy

11:10 - 11:30           Update on Copper

11:30 - 11:45           BREAK: Networking, Sales, Exhibits                        

11:50 - 12:40                          LUNCH

12:50 -  1:50            Jay Wakefield: Petroglyphs of the Minoans

1:55  -  2:50             Dr. Carl Johannessen: The Origin of Maize

2:55  -  3:55             Dr. Brenda Franey: Presenting research of George McMullin, Archaeological Intuitive

4:00 -  4:10                             BREAK: Networking, Sales, Exhibits

4:15 -  5:15              Arthur Faram: Templars on the Great Lakes

5:20 -  6:15              Jill Baker: The Maps Columbus Used

6:15 -  6:30                             BREAK: Networking, Sales, Exhibits

6:30 -  7:30                             DINNER

7:35 -  8:25              Wayne May: Hebrewisms in North America

8:30 -  9:20              Frank Joseph:  The Discovery of Atlantis

9:30 - 10:30                            Networking, Sales, Exhibits...Sleep Well!              

Saturday Sept 27

8:00 - 8:50                              BREAKFAST

9:00 - 9:10               Brief Welcome AAPS Board

9:15 -10:05              Dr. John White: Sightings of the BA'AL Symbol

10:10-11:10             Geoffrey Whittum: Connecticut (and nearby) Abundant Dolmens;

                                 and related undiscovered standing stones, walls, chambers, stacked stones...

11:15-12:25             MT Terri Bussey: Updates on Beaver Island

12:30- 1:30                             LUNCH                                             

1:35 - 1:45               BREAK; Networking, Sales, Exhibits

1:45 - 2:45               Dr. Lee Pennington: On the American Landscape: Seldom Seen, but Plainly visible Ancient Messages

2:50 - 3:05               Marta Thomas   Update on Bosnian Pyramids

3:10 - 3:25               BREAK; Networking, Sales, Exhibits

3:30 - 4:15               Katrina Johnson: How Ancient Pyramids Harnessed Energy on the Giza Plateau

4:15 - 5:00               Bruce Cunningham: Cambodian Temple is Megalithic!


5:05 - 5:30                              BREAK; Networking, Sales, Exhibits

5:35 - 6:40                              DINNER

6:45 - 7:45               Scott Wolter:  3D Microscope Technology & its application on important pre-                                    Columbian Artifacts

7:50 - 8:25               Karl Hoenke: Overview of Myron Paine's work on Lenape/Norse/

                                                            Algonquin Movements and Language

8:30 - 9:45               Kewaunee Lapseritis: The Ancient Ones (Sasquatch) and what they have to teach us

9:45 -                                      Networking, Sales, Exhibits...Sleep Well!

Sunday Sept 28      

8:30 - 9:25                              BREAKFAST

9:30 - 10:30             Dr. Jim Scherz: Navigating the Oceans without Spherical Trig.

10:35-11:45             Bruce Hardwick: Native American Wisdoms

Noon                        FAREWELL till 2015!



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