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The Long Journey of World's Largest Float Copper (0099- Update on The Copper)

The Long Journey of World's Largest Float Copper



The campaign has always been "SAVE THE COPPER"
The Copper has been on quite an adventure of visitors and movements.

1. Found about 2010 on Quincy Mine land sold to 2 Copper Country hunters...with metal detectors

(estimated weight deduced from surface measurements was 40 tons)
2. 2008-Fred Rydholm learned of it, and determined to save it from being sold for commercial/industrial melt down. Brought it to AAPS when we were very new with only a couple thousand in our bank account.

3. 2008-10 AAPS attained 2 year contract to raise $350,000, paying $10,000 to owners to hold it from being sold. Did not raise funds, though we tried grants, mail campaigns, news articles, membership and personal pleas.

4. 2010-12 Arranged another 2 year contract, with another $10,000 paid to owners. Did not raise needed funds.

5. Oct 2010 With the help of Carl Lindquist, moved copper to Presque Isle to gain visibility and press. Also learned it did not weigh the originally estimated amount, so negotiated the contract down to $280,000. (Actual weight just 26.6 – or 28.2, depending on source- tons) Still could not raise the balance due, after deducting $20,000 already paid the owners. (Owners did not deduct the first $10,000 security)
Mr. Lindquist confirmed with The Smithsonian, that this piece is the largest “float” copper in the world.

6. Following the move, a group of
Marquette people, combined another security payment of $10,000 from AAPS & a new contract, tried for 2 years to raise funds collected through Marquette Community Foundation. The approximately $6,000 raised was used by Mr. Lindquist for purchase & installation of a (440 lb, 4 ft x 2ft) hunk of natural “float” copper to be installed on Presque Isle, spring 2017.

   During the 5 years the copper was displayed on Presque Isle, many thousands of visitors, travelers, busloads of school children and locals came to marvel at this magnificent specimen. Michigan Travel Bureau listed it as an important thing to see.

7. 2013-15 Limbo period while we awaited order from the owners to return the copper to their chosen site south of Houghton. (for which AAPS paid $5,000 saved for that purpose)
While the Copper was still sitting on Presque Isle awaiting snow-melt and ability to move, some men in the mining industry from
Canada heard of it while at a mineral conference at MTU. They came to see it, and determined that, being one of a kind, was worth saving and began negotiations with the owners.
(Meanwhile the copper was moved, and the owners, needing the money, had been threatening to whonk off large hunks to sell to industry. Various people persuaded them to await a deal with the Canadians or other.)

8. Next we heard the Copper was in Golden Colorado owned and displayed by Collector’s Edge Minerals Inc. Collector’s Edge purchased it directly from the owners. Spent $50,000 to Bejing
CHINA for display at the world's largest mineral exposition; the 4th Chenzhou Mineral and Gem Show, as the Star Attraction. Here's an online link with photos on the move to China
: http://www.gettyimages.com/event/worlds-largest-float-copper-transported-to-china-638912023#workers-remove-wire-ropes-on-a-26-tons-of-native-copper-specimen-on-picture-id530056854

9. The owner of Collector’s Edge Minerals sold the copper to a wealthy collector near
Chenzhou City, Hunan China
. He has it on display in front of his private (non government) museum where it is enjoyed by thousands of appreciative visitors. (Today, China has the largest grown of private art-culture-artifact museums in the world, many being outstanding architectural wonders.) 

Our Goal was MET. The Copper is SAVED, though in a way we could never have imagined.
Friends of AAPS and other donors may consider the funds they helped to raise and paid to the owners, RENT.

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