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Be a Part of Ancient American History! (0021-Share YOUR photos)

Be a Part of Ancient American History!


Here's your opportunity to contribute your artifacts, discoveries and theories to a museum which focuses on ancient American subjects and its worldwide connections over thousands of years. Our philosophy is to not reject any data because it may not fit a predetermined belief, but to lay it out like pieces in a puzzle. Put them out on the table for all to see and to study, without secrecy. The best way to put many puzzles together is to have many, many pieces. This Virtual Museum is a way for you to help to do that... ADD YOUR PIECES of the ancient American puzzle. You may be instrumental in solving some of pre-history's greatest mysteries. How do you participate?

1. Look over the AAAPF site, and think about what you may have to offer to add light to ancient American research.

2. Carefully select your best digital photos, or scan your print photos. If you have slides, you can take them to a processor such as Walmart and they will transfer them to disk. From the disk you can select your pictures to email to AAAPF.

3. Enter the number of items you are submitting next to the Add box below and follow the directions to complete your order. You will need to create a new account if this is your first *order. We did ask for $1 (via PayPal) per photo to help defer website expenses and raise funds for a future physical museum, but feel it more important to have the photos, and encourage submissions. We will publish your name and city with your photo if you like. If you choose to remain anonymous that's okay too.

4. Write your data, explaination, conclusions...about your artifact. Include: WHAT you think it is; WHERE it was found; DEPTH and SITE it was found; WHEN it was found; YOUR Conclusions if you have any. You may also submit a photo of something you have but know nothing about. Others can send their ideas about the artifact. (or photo of a standing stone, stone surface writing or pictograph, or any other such item you have visited or seen, but do not have in your possession.)

5. Students submitting images from a .edu address PAY NO FEES. We strongly encourage student and school participation.

6. Once we have confirmation of your submission and payment if applied, we will upload your photos and data to the website.

Send your photos to us by clicking here.  Be sure to add your name and contact information in your email.

From the Board of Directors of AAAPF

If you'd like to make a donation, please pay via PayPal. You can use any bank card or your own bank accounts by going through PayPal. Our PayPal address is www.aaapf.org

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