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2010- REVIEW of 6th Annual Conf.on Ancient America (0048- 2010 AAPS Conference)

2010- REVIEW of 6th Annual Conf.on Ancient America

REVIEW of the 6th Annual
International Conference
on Ancient America
Sept. 17-10, 2010
Holiday Inn, Marquette Michigan

Conference 2010 is over, and we heard several say "Best ever!" Thank you very much. It takes every person involved to make it such a success: Attendees; Presenters; Committee; AAPS Board; and Advisors; Jim Belmore & Hoolie DeCaire, our sound men; ; Holiday Inn facilities and staff (SUPERB!!), press notices (Thanks Action Shopper! Marquette Monthly, Mining Journal and others); Networkers on the internet & email, and more.

We had the largest registration ever, (just over 70) more people coming in for partial programming, and generally more interest in our fascinating subjects.

We want to say how IMPRESSED we are with our audience and presenters honoring Fred Rydholm's vision of a conference for openly sharing data. He said "Don't throw anything out. Listen, honor the presenter and his-her research and data even if you don't agree with their conclusions. Just see how the pieces may fit." And you dear people were a MODEL of that philosophy. We indeed had contrasting ideas presented, and no one got upset or confrontational. They listened, they weighed the data, tucked it away for future reference, and they honored the presenter. We are so proud and happy to be able to report this. 


Our speakers were kind and flexible as schedules were tweaked on the spot to accomodate speakers who went over-time...but we LET THEM as they were so interesting.

Like key speakers Sam Osmanagich of the Bosnian Pyramids who enthralled us with his steady forward energy to clearing off the outsides and inside tunnels of the world's largest pyramids. New discoveries there: a LAKE inside a pyramid, measurable energy frequencies in the tunnels (all volunteer workers want to be doing that job as it feels so good)  Sam believes there were three distinct cultures there, as far back as 34,000 years (dated evidence.) First culture was megalithic peoples [perhaps between ice ages 3 & 4,] who cut monstrous stones. 2nd culture built the pyramids and tunnels- perhaps as healing centers. This was a long culture covering many thousands of years. 3rd culture would have come in after 2nd culture had disappeared after a cataclysm of some sort...another glacial age? a comet? These peoples seemed afraid of the pyramids, removed all artifacts and filled the tunnels and sealed them off.
Now cleaning out the tunnels is one of the humongous jobs the volunteers are doing. At the pace they are going, of about 500 volunteers a year, Sam says they could have The Pyramid of the Sun fully revealed in a thousand years. They need more help! And you could be one of them. If interested in going to Bosnia to work on the site, one of our members, Marta Thomas is organizing a group trip. Call Judy for contact info: 906-942-7865. We have Sam's Powerpoint Program on Slideshare.net. http://www.slideshare.net/JudyMJohnson/bosnian-pyramids-september-2010 It's a little mysterious to watch without Sam's commentary, but still interesting. See more of Sam on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wsG1ZJaGMc  

And Scott Wolter of Kensington Runestone and Hooked X and History Channel fame. His scientific study of the Bat Creek Stone decidedly proved it's authenticity, and it's paleo-Hebrew roots. His expertise and the latest techniques will continue to prove valuable in further enlightening us all. Many films of Scott can be seen on YouTube; here's a Coast-To-Coast intervew, and that connects to many more- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr1wIrpfhkM

All speakers were well informed, had something new and exciting to share. Often the "new" is a matter of deciphering what's already in plain sight, and some did that:

Roger Jewell on his recent visit to Crete and matching symbology on both sides of the Atlantic, of the bulls' horns and other images;

Dr. John White and his ongoing study of symbologies, this time with a focus on recurring symbols from the S. Illinois caves;

Rick Osmon with his alternate look at the famed Prince Bacal lid....is he flying a spacecraft (Erik Von Danikan) or is he working at his computer or other machinery? And what about those recurring grouped 0's? Are they gears?

Lee Pennington got bumped from his film slot, but we greatly enjoyed his update on Prince Madoc and King Arthur...bringing greater clarity and evidences to their likelihood of having been in America. He shared research with Dr. Brenda Franey who zips back and forth from Texas to Great Britain and Washington DC to gather data. See on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/JudyMJohnson/the-case-for-prince-madoc-and-king-arthur-in-america-revision-8-23-10

Karl Hoenke gathered research on genetic discoveries, linking the rest of the world to North America. These are evidences that can not be denied by main-stream, and will continue to shine light on understanding our pre-history. He did his usual well documented, orderly, easy to understand presentation. His PowerPoint program can soon be seen on Slideshare.net

We were happy to meet Dr. Don Spohn who we may dub "Mr. DOWNSTATE Copper" as he is likely the most knowledgable person on ancient copper artifacts in the state, and he loves copper as much as Fred did. Don showed some marvelous specimens from his collections, and his wonderful- lushly illustrated journals and books. His specialty is identification by style of construction. He can nail a point (or other weapon or instrument) to a specific culture and time period, as he knows the styles so well. He identified a few of our pieces. Will show them with his notations here in the Virtual Museum and in the Nov. AAPS Newsletter.

Jay Wakefield, a brilliant thinker and observer, and Author/Researcher Rocks and Rows; Sailing Routes  Across the Atlantic and the Copper Trade; and How the Sun God Reached America (both books available on this site)  Reported on his visit to the Cedarland and Claiborne sites;  on the possibility of a copper route via the St Croix River of Wisconsin, and distribution of a North American Timeline. We all groaned to see the devastation of the sites for commercial, industrial, and military purposes. Yet there are a few who continue to examine what remains with hopes for further connections to the copper trade. http://www.aaapf.org/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=46

Lee Pennington's presentation on The Case for Prince Madoc and Evidence of King Arthur in America was most intriguing. Lee shared research data with Dr. Brenda Franey who is working on this same path. See his program from AAPS Conf. 2010 at slideshare.net

Wayne May, Researcher/Publisher of Ancient American Magazine- showed the unpublished film:  "The Lost Civilizations of America" which opened out eyes as to why main-stream archaeology, and government personell must adhere to the narrow line set by Col. Powell back in the 1870s.  Early America's mandate of Manifest Destiny allowed the devastation of the Natives by saying they were "savages." An edict by Powell and the Smithsonian disallowed any native writing evidences or legal action would be taken. This would have evidenced greater intelligence among the natives...making it less conscionable to destroy their cultures. This "Great Cover-Up" still goes on today! We have hope for the younger generations coming into the field with greater understanding of the truth.

Wayne also gave an unscheduled program on the Hopewell and Adena (Mound) Cultures. More is being discovered and understood of this, of great significance to our true history. See this presentation on Slideshare.net.

David Hoffman, Researcher: "Ancient Water Levels & the Copper Trade, and the Ontonagon Boulder" David has visited the Smithsonian, university archaeologiests and is keeping the lines of communication open between main stream acedemia and we, who are more on the leading edge of new thought. We see signs of coming together, thanks in part, to people like David. Others among us tread gently among the nay-sayers too...it's good for everyone!

Judy M Johnson & Glenn DeVlaminck, AAPS Sec/Events Planner and AAPS President gave a lively report on the exicting day of the Big Move: “Update on the 28 ton hunk of native float copper” See this whole program with added photos of conf. attendees at the copper site, on slidshare.net  http://www.slideshare.net/JudyJohnson1/moving-thecopper-sm

Where: NEXT YEAR DATE is SET- Sept. 16-18, 2011. Mark it on your calendars!
Again at Holiday Inn, Marquette Michigan

Audience Participation, and the Keweenaw Mystery Stone: This was fun, but no clear conclusions made. One fun "task" is the opportunity to be asked to examine, postulate, and discuss a mysterious circle stone found in the upper Keweenaw Peninsula, which is being brought by Jo Lorichon. A board will be there to write your thoughts, and a discussion time will be worked into the schedule. Stats: Stone is 13" by 8" by 5" and surprisingly heavy. See Image above. Note the major circles and the 3 wee intentional dots below it. Surprise! Scott Wolter brought in a smaller stone found in N. Minnesota, with the very same kind of circles on it. Same sharp edge on the inner side of the ring...but TWO circles on one stone. A man from Skandia phoned to say that he had a stone with the same mark too-found in Skandia Twp. What are these stones??? Here are comments made on the dry-wipe board: "Directional Marker;" "The Eye of God;" "Modern Miner chipped it off it's 'parent' rock- there's spaulding on the sides and back- then lost it;" "Trail marker on stone outcrop, broken off by someone and brought part-way home;" "I 'tink it's a Nuppa;" It's STILL a MYSTERY!

* And Some Great Surprises!

If YOU have a program, you are most welcome to share!
Speakers do not pay registration fee, and can have a sales table or two, to market/promote their wares. If you do not want to tend a table all weekend, AAPS can sell your books for a 25% commission.

Further information, call Judy M Johnson or Glenn DeVlaminck: 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210

Day Prices 6 meal package $120 incl. 24% tips and taxes
(meal selections subject to change):

All programs and exhibits   $135

Day Fees: (meals are not included) - Program Fees ($5/hour of programming)
Friday 1 pm - 10 pm -  $40
Friday Afternoon 1-6 pm  - $25
Friday Evening 7-10 pm - $15
Saturday, all programs 9 am-10 pm  - $55
Saturday Morning 9 - noon - $15 (FREE to educators)
Saturday Afternoon 1-6 pm -  $25
Saturday Evening 7-10 pm -  $15

Sunday Morning 9 - noon reserved for Q&A,  general planning, suggestions, & discussion. -  $15

6 Meal Package - $120   Please realize that meal costs have 24% added for tips and taxes,
 (what you'd add yourself anyway) AND they are what helps pay for our conference room rent.  Thank you for your support! 
All meals include: Coffee, Tea, Juices

MEALS Individually Priced
Lunch  $15.00 Deli Bar Buffet: Soup, 4 Salads, Breads, 4 Sliced meats,
Cheeses, Condiments, Relish tray

Dinner         $28.00 - 2 entrée Buffet:  Whitefish, Sirloin Tips, Wild
rice, Red potatoes, 3 Salads,  Cheesy broccoli, Green beans, Chocolate

Bkfst $14.00 - Grandma's Breakfast Buffet: Scrambled eggs, Bacon/sausage,
biscuits, Chateau potatoes, Fr. Toast, Pancakes, Cut fresh fruit

Lunch - $16.00 - Mexi-Bar Buffet: Tacos, Chips, Sp. rice, Spicy beef,
Grilled chicken, Taco condiments, Shredded cheese, cheese sauce. Tossed
salad, 2 deli salads

Dinner - $28.00 2 entrée Buffet: Swedish Meatballs, Herbed Chicken,
Peas/carrots, 3 salads, Mashed potatoes, AuGratin Pot., Italian veg, Apple
Crisp/ice cream

Bkfst - $10.50   Everyday Buffet: Scrambled eggs, Bacon/sausage,  Chateau
potatoes, Homemade biscuits.





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