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TEN DVD Set of Conference 2014 (0073-2014 DVD Full Set)

TEN DVD Set of Conference 2014

TEN DVD Set of Conference 2014
Price Includes Shipping

Here are all the main speakers of Conference 2014. If you missed the event, or you'd like time to re-view and ponder all that information, and to share with others, this is just the thing for you. We got better pricing on PROFESSIONAL filming and packaging this year so are able to offer you a better rate than last year's DVD.

The TEN 2-hour DVDs in this set contain:

1. Jay Wakefield-Petroglyphs of the Minoans, a tour of ancient sites in Turkey:  61 minutes  
Carl Johannessen- The Origin of Maize: 51 minutes

2. Brenda Franey-Intuitive Archaeology of George McMullin: 51 minutes    

   Arthur Faram Templars in Great Lakes: 61 minutes

3. Jill Baker- the Maps Columbus Used: 57 minutes

    Wayne May- Hebrewisms in North America: 54 minutes


4. The Discovery of Atlantis: 52 minutes

    and Geoffrey Whittum- StandingStones of Connecticut & Nearby States: 61 min

5. Terri Bussey- Updates on Beaver Island: 66 minutes

     Lee Pennington- On the American Landscape; Seldom seen but plainly visible ancient messages: 54 minutes


6. Scott Wolter-3D Microscope Technology & its application on important pre-Columbian Artifacts 83 minutes.
   Karl Hoenke- Myron Paine Retrospective, Lenape: 38 minutes

7. Kewanuee Lapseritis- The Ancient Ones and what they have to teach us (Sasquatch): 94 minutes

8. Katrina Johnson- Pyramid Energy: 55 minutes

    Bruce Cunningham- Stone Age Cambodian Temple: 30 min.

9. Jim Scherz Navigating the Oceans without Spherical Trig: 75 minutes

     John White- Sightings of the Ba'al Symbol: 37 minutes

10. Bruce Hardwick- Native American Wisdoms: 49 minutes


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