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Five DVD Set A - of Conference 2014 (0074-2014 DVD Set A)

Five DVD Set A - of Conference 2014

AAPS Conference on Ancient America, 2014

For folks who have a preference of certain speakers or budgetary considerations we have broken the ten DVD set into TWO 5 DVD sets.

Each DVD is about 2 hours long, professionally filmed and produced. We were able to lower our production costs and offer you very low prices on these DVD sets. If you like to re-view the programs as an attendee, or were unable to come to conference, then you will want to get these recordings. Great for gifts too!

In this 5 DVD set are:
Jay Wakefield-Petroglyphs of the Minoans, a tour of ancient sites in Turkey:  61 minutes  
Carl Johannessen- The Origin of Maize: 51 minutes
Brenda Franey-Intuitive Archaeology of George McMullin: 51 minutes    
Arthur Faram Templars in Great Lakes: 61 minutes
Jill Baker- the Maps Columbus Used: 57 minutes
Wayne May- Hebrewisms in North America: 54 minutes
The Discovery of Atlantis: 52 minutes
Geoffrey Whittum- StandingStones of Connecticut & Nearby States: 61 min
Terri Bussey- Updates on Beaver Island: 66 minutes
Lee Pennington- On the American Landscape; Seldom seen but plainly visible ancient messages: 54 minutes
Katrina Johnson- Pyramid Energy: 55 minutes
Bruce Cunningham- Stone Age Cambodian Temple: 30 min.
Jim Scherz Navigating the Oceans without Spherical Trig: 75 minutes
John White- Sightings of the Ba'al Symbol: 37 minutes





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