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DVD Set, Complete Conference 2015 (0082- DVDs Conf 2015)

DVD Set, Complete Conference 2015

AAPS Conference 2015 DVD Collection

21 Speakers on 11 DVDs

11th Annual Conference on Ancient America Hosted by AAPS, Co-sponsored by Ancient American Magazine

Oct. 9-11, 2015, Island Resort/Convention Center, Harris Michigan


Take a snow-break and get ready for some very interesting, and diverse research material, with the fun of hearing it from the people who have lived it. Price includes media rate shipping. As one of AAPS's major goals is EDUCATION, we have priced this as low as possible so more people can see, enjoy, and learn.


Presented in a hard plastic DVD box with snap-ins to hold the DVDs. The box measures 5.5" x 7.5 x 1.25. Has a clear-slip-in cover to show the speakers and listings of presentations and length of each.


1. Jill Withrow Baker; History leading to Burrows Cave- 63 min

    Glacial Ages over millenia- 50 min


2. Dr. John White; Hebrew symbols in Burrows Cave- 53 min

    Anita Meyer; Seeking the root Holy Language- 63 min


3. Dr. Lee Pennington; Preview of Bosnian Pyramids film-  65 min

       The Nickless's; Chinese evidence in ancient midwest- 49 min


4. Scott Wolter; Personal experiences in filming TV series- 59 min

    Dr. Brenda Franey; Digs in Scotland & Wales- 44 min


5. Lee LeCaptain; The Mystery Axe- 62 min

    Dr. Geza Kisteleki; Volcanic Vent connection to Mystery Axe- 41 min


6. Jay Wakefield; Symbols of The Beaker People, worldwide- 85 min


7. Arthur Faram; Similarities of symbols found worldwide- 75 min


8. Dr. Arlan Andrews; The curious Saihuite stone in Peru- 30 min

   Christopher Dunn; Amazing technology in Ancient Egypt- 64 min


9. J. Hutton Pulitzer; Fun facts of "reality" TV (Oak Island)- 64 min

    Dr. Robert List; Ancient burials on Beaver Island- 29 min


10. John Shaugnessy; Ancient Geoengineering- 49 min

    Dr. Don Spohn; Unusual Michigan copper artifacts-  67 min


11. Ojibway/Human wisdoms; Duane Kinnart- 25 min

    Personal growth & revelations; Bruce Hardwick- 48 min 

   Trailer: Overview of Conference 2015- 6 min

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