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December 17th, 2015: from Hutton Pulitzer and AAPS

Today, the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society (AAPS) announces its support for a study that suggests the presence of ancient mariner civilizations traveling to the Americas.

The forthcoming white paper report, which involves several prominent AAPS academic members and was initially previewed at our fall conference, is currently titled:

“Multi-Discipline Forensic History Research Group Rewriting History of Pre-Columbian Contact in the Americas”.

This white paper is a multidiscipline forensic research project detailing the overwhelming and compelling evidence of ancient Romans voyaging to North America. The basis of this project begins with the discovery and recovery of a “Roman sword” near the famed Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, along with other Roman artifacts and archeological discoveries, including a Roman shipwreck and burial mounds.

This pioneering report supports the AAPS goal of supporting publications and research which encourage the pursuit of ancient archeology and geology and to encourage partnership with professional archeologists, educational institutions, and regional museums to support the research of such currently “out of place” artifacts (OOP-ARTS).

The “Multi-Discipline Forensic History Research Group Rewriting History of Pre-Columbian Contact in the Americas” could be easily viewed as a companion and further forensic investigation report supporting “Scientific Evidence for Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Voyages to and from the Americas” written by Dr. John L. Sorenson and Dr. Carl L. Johannessen; noted AAPS members.

To support the white papers estimated release late in spring of 2016, a multimedia presentation of this pioneering white paper will be presented by lead researcher, Hutton Pulitzer, at the 2016 AAPS 12th Annual Conference on Ancient America.

“This White Paper should engage and enliven the discussion and research into the ancient mariners in the America debate” states Pulitzer. “However, it should also set a new forensic and technology standard for proving up ancient mariners in America claims and possibly force the reexamination of countless supporting artifacts found in the Americas”.

The Ancient Artifact Preservation Society (AAPS) was formed to collect, preserve and disseminate evidence of ancient civilizations in North America by forensic researchers and professional scholars and to further educate and inform the public about our past.

AAPS: “Bringing together Diverse Pieces of the Ancient American Puzzle”
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